Wednesday, April 15, 2009

"New addiction: Korean Dramas"

"My Girl", "Coffee Prince" and the current hit drama,"Boys over flowers" are just some of the dramas that hit Malaysia by storm. If I'm not mistaken, it started with "Winter Sonata", "All about Eve" and "Full House". I've soon become a die-hard fan of these funny and entertaining dramas. They have young talented actors and actresses, yet they are able to seize our emotions regardless language barriers. In most of the dramas, the heroines look more like the heroes' elder sisters. However, their comical facial expressions glue the viewers to their seats. They are not afraid to project their weirdest faces just to have their viewers grab that moment's feelings to their heart. Plus, I began to memorise some of the Korean songs and even some of the Korean phrases. This is awesome,right? Now i have a dream to fly to South Korea. I wouldn't dare to eat their food especially the squids. They eat it alive! The squids, though after cutting the parts, and the parts are still moving on the plate, they are able to hold it between their chopsticks and put it in their mouth! That is the one thing that I found a bit gross, sorry to say. I've tried some of the Korean foods including the kimchi. Frankly speaking, that would be my final time eating it. Believe it or not, I took only one tiny slice of cabbage and I'd had enough! Lastly, I'm looking forward to watching Full House 2,in August. Korean dramas,fighting~


misz A.C.C.A said...

i'll join u 2 go there!! hahaha
d series better than melayu draama i think..even some guys said korean series just utk 'berendam air mata' huhu

misz A.C.C.A said...

i'll join u to go there! =P
bnyak lg series yg best utk, slmat mncari n menonton!